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Abroad Shipping Option

About the Delivery Periods for Orders Shipped to Abroad

* The delivery periods for orders placed from and delivered to be abroad vary depending on the country, where the order is to be delivered.

* The delivery period provided within the following table, which represents an average period of time, is applicable for each relevant country as of the date of placement of the order.

* The delivery periods for orders to be delivered to abroad do not include weekends and public holidays.

* The delivery periods provided within the following table are applicable only if the ordered item is available in our stocks.

* The delivery period may be extended on account of and depending on the customs clearance process of the relevant country of delivery.

CountryDelivery PeriodCountryDelivery PeriodÜlkeTeslim SüresiÜlkeTeslim Süresi
USA4Armenia5Republic of the Congo6Peru5
Afghanistan5Estonia3Korea (South)5Poland3
American Samoa12Faeroe Islands7Costa Rika4Puerto Rico6
Andorra6Morocco4Kuwait5Reunion Island5
Anguilla10Ivory Coast5Laos People's Democratic Republic5Rwanda6
Antigua6Philippines5Lesotho6Russian Federation5
Argentina5Finland3Latvia3Saint Kitts ve Nevis8
Albania5France3Liberia6Saint Vincent ve the Grenadines8
Aruba12French Guiana5Libyan Arab Jamahiriya6San Marino3
Australia5Gabon6Liechtenstein3Santa Lucia10
Bahamas5Guinea6Luxembourg3Sierra Leone6
Barbados8Guadeloupe5Madagascar4The Slovak Republic3
West Samoa8Guam7Macedonia4Slovenia3
Belarus5Guatemala5Malawi7Solomon Islands12
Belgium3Guiana8The Maldives6Sri Lanka5
Belize6South Africa5Malaysia4Sudan6
Bermuda4Haiti6Malta3Syrian Arab Republic6
United Arab Emirates4Croatia3Marshall Islands12Saudi Arabia6
Bosnia and Herzegovina5The Netherlands3Mexico5Chile5
Brazil5Hong Kong4Federal States of Micronesia10Tanzania5
Nation of Brunei6Iraq5Myanmar6Thailand4
Bulgaria3The United Kingdom3Mongolia5Taiwan5
Burkina Faso5Iran6Republic of Moldova5Togo5
Bhutan6Spain3Montserrat6Trinidad ve Tobago6
Cap Verde10Israel3Mauritania7Tunisia5
Cayman Islands5Sweden3Mauritius5Turks ve Caicos Islands6
Cook Islands6Jamaica6Nepal7Oman4
Czech Republic3Cambodia6Nigeria6Jordan4
Denmark3Canada4Norfolk Island8Venezuela8
Dominican Republic5Kazakhstan5Central African Republic6Virgin Islands7
Ecuador Guinea8Republic of Cyprus (Southern Cyprus)4Pakistan5New Caledonia8
El Salvador6Kyrgyzstan7Panama6New Zealand6
Indonesia5Kiribati10Papua New Guinea8Greece3

About the Extra Customs Clearance Costs for Orders Shipped to Abroad

The customs clearance charges, which may be imposed at the customs of the country of destination, are to be borne by the buyer. In the event of the imposition of customs clearance charges, the amount of the same may, in average, vary between 20% and 50% of the invoiced price of the item. We are not involved in neither the imposition not the collection of such amount. The customs clearance charges as well as the return shipping costs, which could arise in the event of the returning of any bought item due to the customs charges, shall be borne by the customer.

The shipping cost in the event of the returning of any item, which is ordered to be delivered to abroad, shall be borne by the buyer, in which case the customs clearance cost, which could arise through the course of the clearance the returned item at Turkish customs, shall be deducted from the amount to be refunded to you in respect of the returned item.In the event the item arrives in the relevant country of delivery in abroad and fails to be delivered to the designated address of the buyer (in which case you will be informed of the situation via phone and email both by the relevant cargo delivery service provider and the customer services division of, the cargo delivery service provider will continue attempting to deliver the item for a certain period of time (3 business days). In the event the item ordered fails to be delivered to the customer throughout such period of time, it shall be destroyed at the customs, in which case any amount shall not be refunded to the customer.

You can view amount of the shipping cost for any item you order to be delivered to abroad on the page that precedes the payment step.