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Kartal Yuvasi

Kartal Yuvası was initially established as BJKSTORE in 2001 with a view to offer licensed merchandises to the great supporters of Besiktas and to add value to our club. BJKSTORE's name was changed to "KARTAL YUVASI" under the resolution adopted by the Board in 2007. Our club was awarded the "TDK (Turkish Language Institution) Honor Award" by Turkish Language Institution for its contribution to the preservation of Turkish languages by way of the said change of title.

In 2011, our online shopping portal was opened at with a view to offer our original licensed Besiktas merchandises to our supported based at home or in abroad on 24/7 basis. For the black eagles, who are based in Europe; we offer our merchandises at We do not sell merchandises via phone.

In this initiative, we were inspired and driven by the fact that being a Besiktas supporter is not just about the match day but is an essential part of our lives. Combining the passion we have with bold and spectacular designs, we create sportswear products that can comfortably be used casually in daily life as well. We, with our Besiktas fan attitude, make a more distinguished name for ourselves every other day not only in stadiums and sports halls but also on the streets and in our daily living spaces. We always demonstrate our innovative and pioneer style through our special cooperation initiative that we have actualized. We blazed a trail through the visionary cooperation that we established with Les Benjamins, the pioneer streetwear brand of Turkey in January, 2018, which brought together the fan spirit and the street style.

Kartal Yuvası, which continues growing at a fast pace, has some 65 points of sale, 63 of which are physical stores and 2 of which are online shopping stores, by the year 2019. Our club will continue its efforts to increase the number of its points of sales in order to rapidly and reliably meet the expectations and needs of the great supporters of Besiktas and to deliver them high quality services.